Since 2012, we have led the effort to actively provide local students with school supplies. This year we expect to supply nearly 500 students with supplies!

Our Mission

Provide - Provide School Supplies to K-12 students on the Long Beach Peninsula.

Partner - Partner with local individuals and organizations to provide the needed school supplies to any student who needs them for the school year.

Bless - Bless children and families through the way we distribute supplies. Being in need often comes with social stigma and judgment. We want Pack2School to communicate love and care to children and families on the Peninsula.

What We've Achieved

  • Distributed school supplies to nearly 500 students in recent school years.

  • Partnered with many community organizations, businesses, families and individuals who donate to support the mission of Pack2School.

  • Partner with local schools to provide what each student needs for their class for the school year.

  • Blessed families through a fun and caring distribution carnival each year.

  • Partnered with over 100 volunteers who help make Pack2School work.